How I Rate and Score Books

Do I rate everything I read?

I do rate almost everything I read. Here’s the thing, I don’t pick up a book and start reading it without first reading the blurb. If the blurb (and cover) draw me in, then I’ll start to read it. Even if I’m not ‘feeling it’, I’ll do my best to finish because I know authors put a lot of time into their work. Well, I hope so, anyway.

Borrowed Library Books

Every other Thursday, my husband and I cart all four of the kids up to the library where we raid the shelves to find our favorite reads. I strongly believe in literacy and I think being well-rounded is very important. Reading allows you to ‘live in’ real-life experiences without actually ‘living it’ or taking the risks that we watch the characters take. I can’t tell you how many library books I’ve returned because I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’.

Let me tell you why. I think traditional publishers hold a certain standard for their books based on a formula (each genre has a formula). If your book meets this magical formula and they find it captivating, you’ve got yourself a book deal. This is great in theory, but in reality, it makes the books all the same. Publishers, much like us, don’t like to live on the edge. When they sign a book deal, they’ve got to ensure they’re going to make profits.

So, in order for me to rate these books, I must have liked them from the time I picked them up until I finished them. Many of them are DNF (did not finish) and in large, it’s because I get bored with them so for these, I don’t rate them. They’re too predictable. Not always, but often. Sometimes predictability is a good thing, but in the book world, you want something different.

Kindle Books

Kindle books are a bit different. I tend to rate almost all of these books, and here’s why. When I choose kindle books, I’m much pickier in my selection and there are two reasons for this.

 The first reason is because I’m paying for these books. I will only purchase books I’m SURE I will love or ones that I’ve read in Kindle Unlimited and really loved. If I’m spending cash, which I don’t have much of, I must love the book. This goes for traditional and Indie published books.

The second reason is because I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and only have 10 open slots, which are almost always filled. So, if I find something that I just have to have right this second and have to return another book, I have to love it. I’m greedy like that. It doesn’t mean if I bump a book out of a slot, I’m never going to read it. It’s just that I get sidetracked and forget the great book that I was going to read because there are so many great books.

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 Why do most of my books get 3-stars and above?


Most of the books I rate will receive 3 or more stars. This is largely due to the fact that I pick books that I like to read. Otherwise, what’s the point in reading? I never understood people who leave negative or nasty reviews that say things like they don’t like a certain genre, yet leave a bad review because they didn’t like said book in that genre. Well, hello? What did you think would happen? If you don’t like to read about historical romance, don’t read them. Why read one and then complain in the review that it was hard to understand what was going on or that you couldn’t relate to the characters? Read what interests you, and that will help enhance your reading experience.

Guys, I want to keep my blog a positive place where authors and readers can come to see fun, positive posts, reviews and read funny things. There’s no need to leave bad reviews or be mean to each other. This is just life and nobody’s getting out alive anyway so let’s be kind to each other. Choose books that you will like and then help the author out by reviewing and recommending the book to your friends.

The Four Categories That I Score

  1. First, I look at how engaging the book was. Did it keep me interested? Did it entertain me? This is probably the most important factor. I can’t get through a book unless it holds my interest. As long as we’ve got this, the rest is pretty easy. The next thing I consider is the storyline. Did it make sense? Was it strong enough? Too weak? Sagging in the middle?
  2. Next up is the characters. Did I like them? Were they funny enough? Show enough emotions? Emotions are a big thing (in my opinion). Were they wise enough? Likable? And I love a good bad guy, too. You know, the one who always tries to screw things up but loses out in the end.
  3. The next thing I consider is the storyline. Did it make sense? Was it strong enough? Too weak? Sagging in the middle?
  4. After that, I consider the ending. Was it abrupt? Did it make sense? Did I like it? Could it have been better?

And that pretty much wraps up how I score and rate books. 🙂

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