Review Policy for Authors

Review Policy For Authors

Hello, authors! If you’ve requested an ARC review from me, please remember that I ARC 3-5 books at a time. I’m also a human with a job and tiny, dependent humans who rely on me. I call them my little minions. My review policy is to leave reviews on Goodreads, as Amazon gets hokey from time to time and wipes out reviews if they believe there is a review ring going around. I feel confident that my reviews will stay on Goodreads and it allows me to share my thoughts as I’m reading the book. This helps jog my memory when it comes to review time.

Normally, I’m always happy to provide an honest review of your book(s) as your book has met my criteria. I try to respond to authors within 24 hours of receiving their ARC request, but sometimes it might take up to 48 hours. If I feel that your book is or wasn’t a good match for me, I will kindly let you know and decline your request. I have yet for this to happen as most authors read the “Click Here If You’re an Author” section, which helps avoid this problem.

review policy


When can you expect to see your review(s)?

This can vary on how many books I’m currently reading, but I try to post all reviews within 2 weeks of receiving the ARC request. If you’d like your review on release day or shortly thereafter, please provide me with an ARC copy at least one week before the anticipated release date. This will afford me the opportunity of reading your book sooner.

Please be advised, I do not bump books ahead of my other ARC requests due to poor timing on your part.

This isn’t to be mean, but it wouldn’t be fair to the other authors who have already requested an ARC review from me who are patiently waiting for my little eyeballs to plow through their pages. And just as a reminder, I’ve included my favorite categories/genres below.

My Favorite Categories/Genres

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Erotic Romance (the darker and dirtier, the better!)
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Adult Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Dystopian
  • Fiction

 I can help you advertise your new release!

I belong to several reading groups and I’m very active on Goodreads plus I have social media accounts and well, duh! My blog! My review policy is meant to help authors and spread the word about their hard work. If you provide me with teasers and/or book art, I will share them with the world. Indies don’t receive the recognition they deserve and most of my favorite authors are Indies because their writings aren’t cookie-cutter predictable.

Book Sales

I do purchase books that I like (if given to me as an ARC) so that I always have a copy in my library. Another thing that I do, which is very important to you, is that I recommend your books to my friends on Goodreads. I will also ask my local librarian to order a copy of your book for the bookshelf at the library. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it does. This helps get you exposure! You have NO clue (or maybe you do) how many people don’t use tablets to read and rely on paperback books. I’ve requested print Indie books from other libraries because I wanted to check it out after reading the digital version.