What goes into my book recommendations?

There’s no set in stone answer to my book recommendations, but it has to be a book that sticks with me. You know? The kind you can’t forget. It has to draw me in emotionally and make me race to the end to find out what is going to happen. Or, at the very least, worry about the characters journey until the very end. This is not an easy feat for writers to do so when they do it, I take note of it. Of course, everyone’s cup of tea is a little different when they find their favorite book.


Some of my recommendations are not on my Goodreads “favorite” list. Just because I didn’t “favorite” the book doesn’t mean I won’t recommend it because there are plenty of great books out there. I would reread my Goodreads “favorites”, whereas my recommendations here are a bit different. Of course, everyone’s cup of tea is a little different when they find their favorite book.

recommendations for books

Another important factor when recommending books.

I do not accept any paid advertisement or promotions for book recommendations. This means that I strictly recommend books that I have read and base my recommendations on the above deciding factors. The characters were interesting, there was a good plot, the author has great storytelling abilities and the book had a satisfying ending, normally some sort of  HEA. Authors do not pay me to discuss, promote, recommend or showcase their books on my website.

The main reason for this is because I don’t want money to compromise the integrity of my recommendations and book blog. Reading is something I’m very passionate about and I feel that it’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience. It isn’t very pleasant if I recommend books with awesome covers that are poorly written. Nobody wants a shiny piece of crap. A turd is still a turd no matter how much you polish it up.

With that being said, please note that my book recommendations are very heartfelt and I truly believe you will enjoy them if you read the same genres that I do. Those genres include contemporary romance, erotic romance, women’s fiction, adult fiction, young adult, dystopian and just general fiction.