Get to know Bubbles and who she is

About Bubbles: Who is she?

Bubbles got her nickname because of her fun, lively personality. She loves to read books, discuss books, review books and, well, she pretty much dreams about books. If you’re a fellow reader, she invites you to follow her blog and subscribe to her newsletter for great book deals, recommendations, reviews and more!

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ARC Services Offered By Bubbles

Bubbles provides ARC services for authors. All you have to do is read her review policy and make a request. She loves contemporary romance, erotic romance, rom-com, women’s fiction, adult fiction, dystopian (true to life and/or zombie), memoirs and more. Please do not send her requests for books in regards to aliens, vampires, shifters, sci-fi or similar reads.

Why this blog?

You might be wondering why Bubbles created this blog. The answer, in short, is simple. She wants a way to share her favorite books and stories with you. Both, in the reading world and from her personal life. She might be a busy mom who works full time, is madly in love with her husband and loves to read and crochet, but she feels that it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Bubbles also likes to expose authors, especially Indie authors! In her opinion, Bubbles feels they aren’t conformed to “ordinary publisher” standards so they can “write off the cuff” about things and stories that interest them. This is what makes Indie authors so unique. So, you might notice a large mix of traditionally published books as well as Indie author books while going through her reviews.

What’s going on in the pictures?

Truthfully, these are some silly pictures but Bubbles wants to show off her fun personality. It’s no fun to be all work and no play. This blog is a way for her to connect with her followers and show what a lively personality she has. And yes, she’s gone through Hazmat training, firefighter training, and has a medical background.

Love About Bubbles Book Review
Crazy, wild day with the kids.

Love About Bubbles

Hazmat training at work.

Love About Bubbles
A date night selfie with the love of her life.


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